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Name : Arthur  Lawrence Webb
Current Position : Advanced Composites Consultant
Nationality : British
Date of Birth : 26th April 1936

Key Data:   Mr. Webb's career has been mainly in the field of aircraft structural engineering in which he has been concerned in the design, analysis, testing and certification of major British civil aircraft.  He has been closely involved with the introduction of carbon fibre composites into aircraft structures including responsibility and  management of the programme for the design, testing and certification of critical flying components .

Latterly he has managed Research and Development programmes for composites in the Formula 1 racing and space industries, and was project manager for the British contribution to the Inter-Orbit Communications experiment to fly on EURECA.  Following his close involvement in the introduction of the all-composites car to Formula 1 racing in the world beating McLaren, he designed, created, staffed and managed a Composites research and manufacturing facility for Ferrari.  Mr Webb is advanced composites consultant to a number of design and manufacturing companies and has served at various times on Aeronautical Research Council Working Parties on Lug Design, and British Plastics Federation Working Groups on Composites.