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Name : Dr. George Macleod
Current Position : Concrete Technology Consultant
Nationality : British

Key Data:             Throughout his career Dr. Macleod has been closely involved in concrete technology concerned with:  Mix design including the study of flow and pumping characteristics for a range of aggregate types and admixtures:  Assessment of concrete properties and testing techniques:  The practical application of technology, and determination of rate of gain of strength, slip forming techniques, failure modes, and effects of reinforcement:  Development and application of Non destructive testing techniques in the assessment of reinforced concrete and the definition of Partial Factors of Safety.  This has involved major structures such as hospitals, bridges, viaducts, airport runways, large commercial buildings and coastal works.

Dr. Macleod has considerable experience in:-

*            Contract management and control including site layouts and servicing.  Specialist in design of steel and reinforced concrete frames.  Materials control including concrete production, mix design and testing.

*            Structural Surveys, Design Certification of buildings and Project Management.

*           The entire range of Civil and Structural engineering functions including highways, bridges, water, drainage and coastal protection.