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Name : Dr. Ian Borthwick
Current Position : Environmental Consultant
Nationality : British
Date of Birth :10th February, 1952
Key Data             Dr Borthwick has a broad background in environmental science, particularly physical oceanography.  He is experienced in the applied aspects of environmental science, ranging from river and coastal industrial developments, to operational and design investigations for large scale offshore hydrocarbon projects

Dr Borthwick has sixteen years environmental experience in the oil and related industries in the most sensitive ecosystems in the world.

He has been involved in all aspects of environmental investigations and assessments from conceptual design, construction through to operations support and has performed lead engineer and project manager roles on a wide variety of investigations, studies and projects.

Dr Borthwick has worked in the public sector, with responsibilities for environmental policy development and regulatory control; in private practice, responsible for commercial and financial management, in addition to technical project involvement; and in academia with lecturing and research responsibilities.