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Name : Richard Marlow
Current Position : Single Point Mooring Consultant
Nationality : British
Date of Birth : 13th February, 1946
Languages : Fluent French, Spanish and elemental German
Key Data:              Mr Marlow has over ten years experience of the design, fabrication and installation of offshore tanker loading and unloading systems for the oil and gas industry.

Mr Marlow has a broad background in the management of projects and construction with extensive experience of controlling sites, projects and yards in heavy construction, fabrication, engineering and building principally for the construction, manufacturing and the Offshore Oil industries.  He has worked overseas  in locations including France, Spain, Malta and the Middle East. 

He has been involved in all aspects of project control and is familiar with the available monitoring techniques.  He has successfully applied a range of techniques depending upon the requirements of the occasion, specific circumstances and location.

Mr Marlow's specific skills  include: energetic leadership; clear communication; accurate identification of areas of risk; efficient organisation and management.