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Colchester Corriculum Vitae

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Oceanographic Data Bank Review

Project   Oceanographic Data Bank Review of national requirements

Description   Survey of existing systems and needs of national scientific and commercial users and the UK oil industry, and development of proposals for improving the system.

Client   Dept of Energy London

Project  Guide to Structural Design of Fixed Steel Offshore Platform Jackets

Description   Assistance to oil Co. in the preparation of their engineering Code of Practice.

Client  Client Confidential

Guide to Structural Design
Practical Guide to Environmental Loading

Project      Practical Guide to Environmental Loading on Fixed Offshore Structures

Description     Collection of draft research material in French, translation into English, editing and preparation for publication as a text book.  

Client   IFREMER Brest, France

Project      Load Combinations in the design of fixed offshore structures   

Description    Comparison of all major international design codes with regard to load combinations specified for the design of fixed offshore structures. Preparation of recommendations for Health & Safety Executive revised design guidance.

Client   Health & Safety Executive London

Load Combinations in the design of fixed offshore structures