Robin Webb Consulting Ltd

Colchester Corriculum Vitae


Interstate Oil and Gas Transport To Europe Support Group 1998

Technical assistance to the EU Tacis Working Group involving Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgystan, Tadjikistan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The EU Tacis INOGATE Working Group [with CECOFORMA]

Troika Field Development Sub-sea umbilicals 1997/98

Document review, supervise fit-up and testing, factory visits to monitor production progress.

BP Exploration Houston, USA

Clair Field Development Verification Studies

Technical assistance to the BP team. 1997

BP Exploration Aberdeen [with ODE Ltd.]

Zeta Field Development North Sea

Conceptual design of sub sea wellhead protection. 1997

Arco [with ODE Ltd.]

Cambay Field Development India

Feasibility design of shallow water steel jacket platform structure. 1997

Hardy Oil & Gas [with ODE Ltd.]

Subsurface Wave Activity Implications for Shelf Edge and Deep Water Marine Exploration Operations

Research Project with the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee, and with BP. 1997/2000


Rapid Simple Analysis of 200 offshore platforms

Review of the Client's methodology for a rapid analysis to determine the ranking of the structures for advanced analysis. 1995

Brunei Shell Petroleum Brunei [with BOMEL Engineering]

Gas Cap Blowdown Project South China Sea

Re-assessment of Belok C platform for an additional 20 years life. 1995

EPMI, Malaysia [with BOMEL Engineering]

Tank 78 Analysis

Non-linear dynamic analysis of the formation and removal of a large buckle in the side of an oil storage tank. 1995

Petronas Carigali Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia [with BOMEL Engineering]

Magnetic Particle Indication Grinding Procedures

Review of past results from diver MPI inspections and grinding repairs offshore Sarawak. Development and testing of new grinding procedures for use by divers on offshore platforms. 1995

Petronas Carigali Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia [with BOMEL Engineering]

Water Wave Kinematics

Determination of the state of art in water wave kinematics in the real sea and their effect on structural loading

Department of Energy London

Deep water & Shallow water Kinematics

Synthesis of discussions at NATO Advanced Research Workshop on water kinematics by conclusions and recommendations to determine direction of future research

Client Confidential

Wave Kinematics Models

Advice on computer modelling systems suitable to determine kinematics in shallow water.

Client Confidential

Full Scale Measurements Offshore

Advice on the suitability of a set of full scale offshore measurements for further analysis.

Client Confidential

Vortex Shedding

Advice on measures that could be taken to investigate the likelihood of vortex induced vibrations occurring around a conductor pipe on a North Sea platform.

Client Confidential

Course on Improved Offshore Platform Design Amsterdam 1993

Preparations of a three day course involving 3 lectures on the latest offshore platform design techniques following the report on the Piper Alpha disaster in the North Sea.

The Centre for Professional Advancement, New Jersey, USA

Courses on Offshore Structural Monitoring and Environmental Monitoring

Preparation of a two day course involving 3 lectures on offshore structural monitoring and a two day course involving 2 lectures on offshore oceanographic and meteorological measurements.

The Centre for Professional Advancement, New Jersey, USA

Lectures on Offshore Structural and Environmental Measurements

Preparation and presentation of lecture during post graduate short courses.

The City University London

Monsanto Outfall Pipe Newport, Severn Estuary

Review of site investigation report and available geological information and preparation of report interpreting the data for engineering use in design of pipeline remedial works.

Alluvial Mining Co. Ltd. Sudbury, Suffolk

Guide to Structural Design of Fixed Steel Offshore Platform Jackets

Assistance to oil Co. in the preparation of their engineering Code of Practice.

Client Confidential

Practical Guide to Environmental Loading on Fixed Offshore Structures

Collection of draft research material in French, translation into English, editing and preparation for publication as a text book.

IFREMER Brest, France

Ireland - Scotland gas pipeline landfalls; Interpretation of geotechnical Site Investigations

Review of all site investigation reports and available geological information and preparation of report interpreting the data for engineering use in designing the pipeline landfalls.

Alluvial Mining Co. Ltd. Sudbury, Suffolk

Gulf of Guinea Deep Water Study

Feasibility study of the monitoring inspection and maintenance requirements of offshore platforms in 500 and 900 metres water depth.

s. n. ELF Aquitaine [Production] Pau, France