Robin Webb Consulting Ltd

Colchester Corriculum Vitae

Robert M Webb
Managing Director
Brian Warburton
Dr. Mick Griffiths
Structural Engineering Consultant
Mr. Reginald Beeton
Civil and Structural Consultant
Dr. W. Keith Elson
Geotechnical and Foundation Consultant
Mr. F.C. Clarke
Structural Engineer
Dr. Paul Frieze
Offshore Structural Consultant
Mr. Ted Pitt
Oceanographic Consultant
Mr. David McKenzie
Offshore Development Consultant
Dr Gerrit Van de Klashorst
Floating Weed Consultant

Adrian Gregory

Fatigue Consultant

Paul Rene Passemard
Mr D B J Thomas
Welding and Metallurgy Consultant
Arthur Lawrence Webb
Advanced Composites Consultant

John R Bishop
Fluid Loading Consultant

Hendrik Kroon
Cryogenic Storage Consultant

Dr Ian Borthwick
Environmental Consultant

Neville Peter Hall
Senior Mechanical Engineering Consultant

Professor Ian Grant


Kevin Kimberly
Incorporated Engineer

John G

Maritime Consultant

David Jordan
Social analyst/planner

Dr George Macleod
Concrete Technology Consultant

Richard Marolw
Single Point Mooring Consultant

Colin R Mullis
Project Management Consultant